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Architecturally Inspired

Knobs-Etc.com recommends the stainless steel options provided by Linnea. "Linnea LLC is the manufacturer of contemporary stainless steel architectural hardware. Forged from decades of industry experience and cast in minimalist design, Linnea architectural hardware strikes the ideal balance between function and form. Linnea provides complete solutions for architectural and building projects with door hardware, cabinet hardware, kitchen hardware and bath accessories. Linnea’s specialty is marine-grade stainless steel. Recyclable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, marine-grade stainless is the best material for timeless design in any environment. Celebrating a decade of growth and innovation, Linnea looks forward to working with others who share an eye for detail. Linnea is defined by clean lines and solid construction. Linnea designs and manufactures the finest contemporary architectural hardware. Inspired by the twinflower after which it is named, Linnea integrates refined form and reliable function. We offer numerous solutions for doors, cabinets, kitchens and baths."

Knobs-Etc.com offers the Linnea product line through email/phone at this time.
We are looking to add it to our online offerings in the future.
In the meantime, please email or call us with your Linnea needs.

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